Airsoft Waiver

Airsoft Field Rules 2016




Equipment Rentals: $10 (includes Goggles, Mesh Mask and Airsoft Gun, 1 full hi-cap mag of BB's) 

Friday -$25

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

First game: 6:20pm

Last game: 9:40pm



10:00am to 10:00pm

First game 10:00am

Last game 9:40pm



10:00am to 4:00pm

First game 10:20pm

Last game 3:40pm


Walk in times have staff on the field acting as Field Marshals and providing game play scenarios. Walk in times provide varied levels of play. It is geared towards recreational play, to have fun and not to be taken too seriously. It is a good time for someone to be introduced to the sport of airsoft and a good time for veterans of the sport to share their knowledge with new players. Airsoft is a honour based sport. Those found not to play fairly or causing tension on the field will be asked to leave. Full field rules will be explained before play and are posted in the main area.


Hardcore Days


Hardcore  designed for the seasoned player. There are no Field Marshals. Players Self-Ref and Self Discipline. All Airsoft weaponry and full auto is allowed in play for this night. This is not a night designed for people who are new to the sport. Players must have their own equipment (rentals are available if player’s equipment fails).


League Days


January to June


League days are designed for teams to play against other skilled players in friendly competition. Your team must be a member of the league to play these games. Teams play a minimum of once per month. Games are designed by the League and Field Marshals are present.


Private Rentals

Field Rental $30/hour

Player Fee $30/player (min 8 players)

Equipment Rentals- included


We are available at any time outside of our regular schedule for private rentals. You get to pick the rules.


For everyone’s enjoyment please pick a day best suited to your

playing style.